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Moko & Loupe is a short comic film about friendship at the frayed ends of a world that’s coming undone. It was written by Adrian Hornsby for Tim Vincent-Smith and Quinn Comendant, and filmed together in London and the Isle of Sheppey in 2012. It premiered with s i n k performing the music live in the Summerhall Old Anatomy Theatre, Edinburgh in 2013. Numerous live screenings have followed.


s i n k is an acoustic improvising trio of accordion (Daniil Dumnov), violin (Tim Vincent-Smith), and saxophones (Matt Wright). The music for Moko & Loupe is to an original sink score — part composed, part chance. Tim Lane plays the sansula.

Moko: Tim Vincent-Smith, Loupe: Quinn Comendant; also: Timothy Victor, Helen Graham, Charmian Hornsby, Guy Lever, Hannah Marcus, Alma Ayon; Sheppey stills by Alice Myers; with special thanks to The Horniman Museum

written and directed by Adrian Hornsby

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