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Adrian Hornsby (UK, 1977) is a writer who sees stories as music and time in landscapes. His work is characterised by an intensely melodic use of language, and vivid scenes blown across vast interior spaces. Moods range from the subversively funny to the malevolently beautiful.

Hornsby’s writing covers a remarkable compass of forms and interests — including theatre, opera, film, essays and non-fiction books; and ranging in subject from washing machines on stony beaches to randomness in human memory. As Big As the Sky (premiered 2015), created in collaboration with Dutch composer Arnoud Noordegraaf and Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, is about an architectural project to turn the world upside down. Urwald (premiered 2013) is a thriller about consciousness. A.M. (premiered 2011) is a love story about sound. The Good Analyst (IFG, 2012) reimagines social value, money, and the power of structured thought. The Chinese Dream (010 Publishers, 2008) anatomises China’s rapid urbanisation, and the visions and patterns that drive it. He has published extensively on social impact, global development and the politics of space, and written four internationally produced plays, two mixed-media operas, a film-with-music, and a host of short stories.

Hornsby’s approach to fiction and non-fiction alike is to combine high-level concepts with acute observation and a mordant wit. He likes to write narratives of ideas that unfold through time, revealing as they go a series of parts pulled from life.

Adrian Hornsby lives in London, and is currently working on ...