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Three Parts is a study of relationships, an orchestration of interior monologues, and a tone poem for voices. By turns funny and bleak and beautiful, it explores the timing of memory and experience.

'Because a memory can be so suggestive. It can be all you need.'

Three Parts is written in a unique form of verbal counterpoint. The actors' lines, rather than following one another, overlay and flow through each other, like the parts of a string quartet. Accordingly in book form the text is laid out like music, with the lines running in parallel (see).


17 January 2006 (as a radio play)
Resonance 104.4 fm, UK

3–8, 17–22 June 2003
Sudden Théâtre, Paris

13–15 December 2001
Espace Créateur, Paris

Original Cast: Damian McCann, Clara McBride, Luc Baboulene, Georgie Davey, Mik Kuhlman, Jerry Di Giacomo, Martin Lewis, Emily Randall, Damian Corcoran
directed by Tim Vincent-Smith
produced by Kilometer Zero Theatre Company

Montage from 2003 Sudden Theatre Production

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