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theatre for solo piano
Will Pickvance, performer, co-writer
Adrian Hornsby, co-writer
premiere 4 August 2017, Summerhall, Edinburgh

‘I used to play this with my Dad …’

… so opens the pianologue — a masterful interweaving of stories, music and the stuff of life from acclaimed pianist and raconteur Will Pickvance. From late night piano sessions with his father, Will conjures a rich array of characters — blending humour with heartbreaking melody, and exploring what it is to be a son, a father, a dreamer, and how music touches us all.

pianologue noun a dramatic composition for solo performer with piano, see pianoliloquy

4 –20 August, 19.40
Summerhall, Edinburgh
Summerhall Pl, Edinburgh EH9 1PL
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