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Writing Public Speaking

Learning from George
an essay-memoir
Paravion Press, 2015
A Day Of Tall Visions And Political Stealth In The Mostly Picaresque Lives Of Moko & Loupe
short film with music by s i n k
premiered live 2013, released online 2015
Short Stories, variously published in Bypass, The L Magazine, the Prague Literary Review, The Pestle and Kilometer Zero Magazine.

Security Grilles

I'd almost hoped to be further on by now, but it's been just so dark today.

4,700 words

God’s Hand for Sleepers

My father’s house has many rooms he once had said.

3,300 words

We The Great Gazebo Built

He was driving, with Andrew on his left. A big man, in the seatbelt, and the small pod-like car; his knees at diagonals to find the corner-length, and restless arms.

3,600 words


I keep thinking about Maeve.

1,700 words

Letter from Dartmoor

Have you ever felt so remote from someone that you see in an instant them in the bed and you sitting over in the old armchair, your arms drenched in blood and moonlight?

1,900 words

Dearest H

Today is Sunday and my first real day of leave since arriving here now 43 days ago. God rests and all his children also.

1,800 words

Remembering Looking Out at an Unmade Leap

The Christmas of that year we spent in a house in a village with views through trees to the windmills, and beyond an open prospect of sea.

2,200 words


Sometimes a thing can change [click] —justlikethat. You can hardly believe you are seeing with the same pair of eyes …

1,800 words

Spring in Upcountry Quebec

Tom says Spring here happens in a single day. He says it all comes at a bound.

1,900 words


Sometimes when the Koolman comes by at night you can tell by the tune that someone’s caught a chill out there.

1,700 words

House in Brooklyn

I am a doctor. I have a practice in Brooklyn, which is a town to the east of Manhatten Island, over the East River. The area is affluent. I live here with my wife.

2,000 words

Leaving Paris

... as it falls in ruins around me. Or rather, I within it.

2,000 words

Baguette Story


1,600 words